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De’Ran Gearbox Repair

De’Ran Gearbox Repair

At Gear World, We can complete your De’Ran gearbox repair in far less time and for far less money. We pick up your De’Ran gearbox for free and bring it to one of our plants where we complete an NDTI (Non-Destructive Teardown Inspection) with a full white-glove treatment of your De’Ran gearbox to assess the needs.  

Is your De’Ran Gearbox in need of repair? Contact Gearworld.

Call: 1-800-281-3071
For Emergencies Call: 1-832-338-4990
Chicago: 1-312-600-0777

Following the rebuild process, GearWorld will begin testing your De’Ran Gearbox. The De’Ran Gearbox is filled with Testing oil made by Royal Purple to start a 4 to 6 hour overheating, vibration, and leaking test. Once your gearbox passes this test run, it is certified and warrantied with our 12-month warranty and is shipped back to you.

GearWorld also offers 24 Hour Emergency Rush Repairs, and as such, we can also Fabricate most Gears in under 24 hours. GearWorld Offers Free Freight and Free Quotes as well as a 12 Month Warranty that goes into effect from the moment you install your De’Ran gearbox.

All engineers and technicians at GearWorld are De’Ran certified and experienced. We maintain an inventory with vital spare parts and technical blueprints of all De’Ran gearbox Models to make sure we can get you back up in as little time as possible.

If your De’Ran gearbox requires repair, GearWorld will get you up and ready to run. When we receive your De’Ran gearbox, we thoroughly clean and perform an NDT your gearbox to find the fault, repair / rebuild components and install them as recommended by OEM Specifications. We Replace all bearings, shims, gaskets, and seals to OEM Specifications.

Gear World has many convenient locations in the USA. We have locations in Chicago, Illinois. This is right in the heart of the midwest. We also have locations in Houston, TX; the epicenter of everything industrial.

De’Ran Gearbox History

DE’RAN GEAR, INC., is a Don Randolph Company. Don Randolph has been designing and building gear drives since 1951, and has remained active in designing and building gear drives for the most severe applications. The original Gear Case Design has remained in continuous production since 1951 and is still our most popular size Gear Drive. With a history of more than 170,000 gear drives that bear his name operating on six continents, he now offers the latest designs that will prove even more reliable than those of previous designs. Long life and service are our proven trademark.


We are not the De’Ran OEM but we do service their products.

Serving  With Optimal Gearbox Repair Since 1939. Call Today

Our economy is moved by heavy industry. Gearworld Keeps Heavy industry Moving—with complete, De’Ran gearbox repair solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

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