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Industrial Gearbox Repair

Gearworld SpaceX

GearWorld is your premium choice for all gearbox repair and rebuild services. With over 80 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, we use advanced diagnostics to reduce downtime and save on costs. You don’t need to wait for the OEM for gearbox rebuilds and repairs — we do swift restorations and manufacture hard-to-find parts so you can focus on operations.

Entering New Frontiers in Gearbox Repair & Rebuilding

We are your one-stop-shop solution for all your industrial gearbox needs, proudly calling Chicagoland our home since 1939. Our superior workmanship and commitment to quality push frontiers with emergency gearbox repairs that meet and exceed original specifications. With a faster turnaround time than the OEM, comprehensive Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (NDTI) services for effective diagnostics and same- or next-day pickup services, you’re assured of superior quality and cost-effective solutions every time. We’re the trusted gearbox repair and rebuild leader with a customer-focused approach for long-lasting partnerships.

Break barriers with unmatched precision and excellence, elevating your plant operations and boosting your systems.

Emergency Gearbox Repair and Rebuilding

We offer emergency gearbox repair, with 24/7 nationwide industrial gearbox repair and rebuilding services with free quotes and inspections. Our professional, friendly team can accommodate any expedited emergency rush repair or rebuild. All work we perform is backed by a three-year warranty. We are a certified, full-service industrial repair company with two shops in Illinois and one in Houston, Texas, specializing in repairing and manufacturing industrial gearboxes and various types of industrial transmission equipment. The team at GearWorld is also well-versed in manufacturing or reverse engineering any component needed for your industrial gearbox in-house. In addition, GearWorld will pickup and deliver your gearbox for free. Call us at (888) 294-7965 and speak with a gearbox repair specialist today to get the rebuilding process started.

We Will Reduce Your Downtime With Efficient Gearbox Services

GearWorld understands your need to reduce downtime so you can meet deadlines and exceed standards. With precision engineering for optimal equipment restoration, we put you first with industry-leading gearbox repair and rebuilds. We’re dedicated to exceptional communication throughout the process and want you to be fully satisfied with our services. We can reduce downtime and save you costs with:

  • Reliable gearbox repairs: No need to wait for a replacement from the OEM or wonder if the original manufacturer is still in operation. 
  • Boosted production: Prevent or shorten unforeseen downtime in your operations. We evaluate your gearbox and give you your quote. 
  • Broad expertise: We rebuild and repair foreign and local gearboxes according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Cost-effective solutions: In most cases, fixing your gearbox is more economical than replacing it with a new one. We will examine your gearbox and determine the best solution for you.
  • Superior results: Our services meet and exceed the original standards of your gearbox, delivering exceptional results you can rely on.
  • Speedy service: The professional team at GearWorld understands the needs of manufacturing plants and industrial factories. We offer swift service, with some repairs done in 24 hours.


Call (888) 294-7965

Your Local Gearbox Rebuild and Repair Service

GearWorld has two locations in the Midwest, close to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. We pick up your gearbox and transport it to our facility for a seamless experience. Our qualified technicians perform a thorough NDTI to find a customized solution that fits your needs. We’re proud of our friendly open-door policy, which provides you with emergency gearbox repair services when you need them most. 

Have a look at our 3D virtual shop tour, find us on Google Maps, then schedule an appointment at one of our two Chicago branches and discover why GearWorld has been the industrial gearbox repairer of choice since 1939.

Click to read how GearWorld saved a power station by repairing a Falk 525 Gear Reducer in record time for a prominent U.S. Power Station. 

Our Alsip, IL Shop

Take a quick walk through our shop located in Alsip, IL!

Optimal Gearbox Rebuilding and Parts Fabrication

Industrial gearbox repair is a crucial facet of maintaining the integrity of your operations. GearWorld provides emergency gearbox repair and rebuilds, evaluating your gearbox to match you with the best, quickest option. Contact us today. You can also visit one of our locations for a first-hand look at our comprehensive services.


And Parts Fabrication