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Leistritz Extruder

Leistritz Extruder

Leistritz Extruder Repair & Leistritz Gearbox Repair in , , Call Today

Our economy is moved by heavy industry. Gearworld Keeps Heavy industry Moving—with complete Leistritz gearbox repair solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

Leistritz Extruder

GearWorld engineers, technicians, mechanics and machinists are OEM trained and provide these services at our Chicago Service center or at our Houston Service Center.

We offer optimal repair capabilities of Extruders and Mixers including NDT of rotating elements, screw shafts, barrels and housings. We are trained by OEM’s for precision restacking configurations.

We perform Chrome stripping, NDT, weld repair and re-chroming/carbide coatings of Mixer type Extruders. Stellite overlays and special coatings on  extruder barrels including grinding and machining services.

We perform repairs and service on all related components of these systems which include Pelletizers, Dies and Adapters, Screen Changers and Carts, Hoppers, Augers and Fluff Feeders.

We perform Service and Repairs of Dryers, Blade and Spider repairs and replacement.

We provide replacement or straightening of Rotors and Shafts to include run-out indicating and balance of complete assemblies.

Leistritz Extruder History

Leistritz was founded as a “start-up” by company founder Paul Leistritz in 1905. His successor and son-in-law Helmuth Schaak expanded it into an internationally active technology company. Today, Leistritz is a technical leader in turbine, pump, extrusion and production technology in four independent business areas.


We are not the Leistritz OEM, but we do service their products. If you would like to contact the Leistritz OEM you can contact them at:

175 Meister Avenue, 08876 Somerville, NJ

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