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Fabrication of New Gear Parts

We’ve rebuilt or repaired and fabricated parts for all of the names you have come to depend on over the years: Falk/Rexnord, Hansen, Marley, Amarillo, Camco/Ferguson, Mitsubishi, Flender, Link-Belt, David Brown, Sumitomo, Valmet, Siemens, U.S. Motors, Nuttall, Lufkin, 1Cone Drive, SEW Eurodrive, Nord Gear, Cotta, Philadelphia, Western, Pfaudler, Werner Pfleiderer, Davis Standard, General Electric, Foote-Jones
Give us a call at 1-312-600-0777 to discuss your  Gearbox Repair needs with one of our Knowledgeable Experts. Your Service Center for  Gearboxes

Fabrication of New Gear Parts

When you need new gearbox parts, you can trust GearWorld for impeccable quality and excellent service. With over 80 years of industry experience and commitment to quality gearbox parts manufacturing, your plant will stay productive while saving you costs. If you notice it could be time for a gearbox overhaul, you may need repairs, a rebuild or new gear parts to get it running optimally again. Our knowledgeable team is well-versed in comprehensive diagnosis and precision manufacturing, saving you time and money.

We’re your expert gearbox service center for gearbox parts fabrication. Discuss your repair, rebuild and fabrication needs with one of our expert team members.

Superior Gearbox Parts Fabrication

We’ve tailored our services around you, our valued customer. Your plant needs to stay up and running with quality gearbox parts that you can rely on. With attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we’ve repaired, rebuilt and fabricated parts for popular names you’ve come to trust over the years:

  • Hansen, Flender and Nuttal
  • David Brown, Siemens and 1Cone Drive
  • U.S. Motors, SEW Eurodrive and Western
  • Falk/Rexnord, Philadelphia and Pfaudler
  • Mitsubishi, Davis Standard and General Electric
  • Valmet, Foote-Jones and Werner Pfeiderer
  • Cotta, Nord Gear and Amarillo
  • Marley, Sumitomo and Lufkin
  • Link-Belt and Camco/Fergusen

Call: (888) 262-0585
For Emergencies Call: 1-832-338-4990
Chicago: 1-312-600-0777

Fabricating New Gears

Advanced Gearbox Parts Manufacturing

With expert knowledge backed by our dedication to innovation, we have a solution for your gearbox parts. Bring any gearbox parts that need replacing and one of our shops will have what you are looking for. If you have an older model or we’re unable to find a replacement for you, our technicians can build one from scratch. 

With extensive experience fabricating parts for machines built more than 70 years ago, we can manufacture gearbox parts that no longer exist. Keep your system running optimally and get hard-to-find parts fabricated by GearWorld, keeping your plant productive and extending the life span of your equipment.

Reliable Gearbox Part Fabrication

With our 24/7 services, you’re assured of excellent gearbox repairs when you need them. We work with high-demand segments like wind, marine and industrial sectors so you get the repairs and rebuilds you need to minimize downtime and boost productivity. For swift services with most turnarounds in just a few days, you can rely on GearWorld for any gearbox repair, rebuild and parts fabrication.


Heavy industries move our economy. Gearworld keeps heavy industries moving with complete gearbox repair solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

EZ AS 1-2-3

GearWorld Makes Getting Your Gearbox Rebuilt Easy. Simply Scan or click the QR code

Your Local Gearbox Replacement Parts Shop 

We’re committed to serving you. For your convenience, we can collect your gearbox to ensure a seamless experience. We’ll transport your gearbox to one of our facilities and do comprehensive Non-Destructive Testing and Inspections (NDTI), providing a precise diagnosis. You’re assured of emergency gearbox repairs and quality services with a friendly open-door policy and two conveniently located shops. Take a walk through our 3D virtual shop, schedule an appointment and see why people choose GearWorld for their industrial gearbox needs.

GearWorld Repair Facility in Chicago, IL

This is a short list of some of the major brand models we service. However, we do service all models of Extruder and Extruder gearboxes:

(888) 262-0585

Trusted Gearbox Part Fabrication With GearWorld

At GearWorld, we understand your time is valuable, and superior gear parts are vital for keeping your plant up and running. When you need gear parts for any brand and model of industrial equipment, we’re your go-to gearbox part fabrication specialists. Whether you need parts for a newer model or parts that are no longer in circulation, our professional team manufactures precise, superior gearbox parts.

To find out more about our services or for a tailored solution, fill out our online form or visit us at any of our shops.

2 Great Locations In the MidWest!

With two convenient locations in the heart of the Midwest, near O’Hare Airport, we can pick up your gearbox sooner and offer fast and reliable service. Our friendly open-door policy invites you to visit and see why we’ve been the trusted choice for industrial gearbox repair for over 80 years. Check us out on Google Maps and take a look at our 3D virtual tour of our shop. Schedule an appointment at one of our two locations today and experience the GearWorld difference for yourself.

Our economy is moved by heavy industry. Gearworld Keeps Heavy industry Moving—with complete, gearbox repair solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

Gearbox Repair

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GearWorld Makes Getting Your Gearbox Rebuilt Easy. Simply Scan or click the QR code

GearWorld Repair Facility In Chicago, IL