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Hansen Gearbox Repair

When a Hansen gearbox fails, GearWorld Is here 24/7 for any Emergency situation. We get you up and running fast to Reduce Your Down-Time. GearWorld does not apply a band-aid solution, we diagnose and repair the actual problem to meet or exceed OEM specs.
This case study review of our work was sent to us from a Prominent US powerstation client.
Hansen Industrial Gearbox Reducer Rebuild

Having two ISO certified facilities in Illinois, and one Texas, makes our shops highly accessible and available to your operation. Repairing an existing Hansen industrial gearbox is a faster and more cost-effective solution than purchasing a new replacement Hansen gearbox. When it comes to a gearbox repair or rebuild:

Call 1-800-281-3071 “We Make The Impossible Possible”

Hansen Gearbox Repair
Give us a call at 1-312-600-0777 to discuss your Hansen Gearbox Repair needs with one of our Knowledgeable Experts. Your Service Center for Hansen Gearboxes

Hansen Gearbox Repair

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Hansen Gearbox Repair and Rebuild

Does your Hansen Gearbox need repair? Call us at 1-(800)-281-3071 and speak with a Hansen gearbox repair specialist to get you started in the right direction.  We are Gear World .Com a certified full-service industrial repair facility that specializes in repair and remanufacturing of Hansen Gearboxes as well as various types of industrial transmission equipment. We provide free quotations and shipping quotes across the nation, backed by a  24-month warranty on all gearbox repairs. In addition, Gearworld can manufacture any component needed for your Hansen gearbox. We have the capability to produce gears with large diameters up to 20 feet with the same hardness as the OEM.

There are many situations in which we can complete your gearbox repair rapidly and it will meet or beat OEM standards. We pick up your Hansen gearbox for free and bring it to one of our plants where we complete an NDTI (Non-Destructive Teardown Inspection) with a full white-glove treatment of your Hansen gearbox to assess what it needs.  

Call: 1-800-281-3071
For Emergencies Call: 1-832-338-4990
Chicago: 1-312-600-0777


Hansen Gearbox Overhaul Services: The Gear World Advantage

Boost uptime and improve performance, while driving down the cost of maintenance of your equipment. From design and manufacturing to installation and repairs, our gearing solutions transmit power from engines, electric motors, turbines and compressors around the world. And with 24/7 global support, our certified experts are ready to deliver unmatched service—whenever and wherever you need it. So you can reduce risk and keep things moving at the speed of business.

Hansen Gearbox Repair

Along with repairing your Hansen gearbox, we will also perform a thorough technical inspection to identify any production-related problems for your Hansen gearbox. GearWorld will implement  these product improvements  to extend the lifespan and performance of your original Hansen transmissions, backed by our high quality workmanship and prompt turnaround times.

GearWorld’s technical expertise and strict quality control standards, will guarantee the delivery of your Hansen gearbox rebuild in the fastest time possible.

All engineers and technicians at GearWorld are certified and experienced. We maintain an inventory with vital spare parts and technical blueprints of all Hansen Gearbox Models to make sure we can get you back up in as little time as possible. (We do-not give away our blueprints)

Hansen Gearbox Background

Hansen Industrial Gearboxes is a part of the Sumitomo Heavy Industries family. Sumitomo has been a trusted provider of quality power transmission solutions for over 130 year and has had a global presence for over 70 years. Sumitomo is active in multiple industries including: agriculture, cement, chemical, food & average, mining, power generation, textile, waste water treatment and many more. 

Hansen Gearboxes offers some of the best performance you can find but they do occasionally break down. You can call the OEM, Sumitomo, directly for your gearbox repairs; but like all other OEM’s, they can have an extremely long turn around time. Many major OEMS have a backlog ranging from 9 months to a year for a repair. 

Hansen Gearbox

Our Advanced Gearbox Repair Solutions

When a gearbox leaves our plant to go back to work in your process, you are getting a machine that is in“Like-New”condition that will meet and many times exceed the OEM specifications. Check out this case study for more information on how our gearbox repair solution surpasses the OEM specs.

Schedule a Tour of One of Our Plants 

Capabilities –  Feel free to call 1-800-281-3071 to schedule a tour of one of our plants. Click here to read more about our Gearbox Repair capabilities. 

We are not the Hansen OEM but we do service their products.

2 Great Locations In the MidWest!

With two convenient locations in the heart of the Midwest, near O’Hare Airport, we can pick up your gearbox sooner and offer fast and reliable service. Our friendly open-door policy invites you to visit and see why we’ve been the trusted choice for industrial gearbox repair for over 80 years. Check us out on Google Maps and take a look at our 3D virtual tour of our shop. Schedule an appointment at one of our two locations today and experience the GearWorld difference for yourself.

Our economy is moved by heavy industry. Gearworld Keeps Heavy industry Moving—with complete, Hansen gearbox repair solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

Gearbox Repair

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