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Nuttall Gearbox Repair

Nuttall Gearbox Repair

Nuttall Gearbox Background

Nuttall Gearboxes was founded in 1887 by R.D. Nuttall in Pittsburg PA with one gear cutter and 5 men. Their total working capital was $500. Over the years they made huge strides providing gear services In 1928 Nuttall Gear was acquired by Westinghouse Electric Corporation and renamed Westinghouse Gear Division Through modern innovation Westinghouse developed the modern gear motor that is used today. Through Westinghouse, many custom engineered units were designed to meet the demands of the day. Out of these custom reducers, many standard product lines emerged and became standards in the gearing industry:

  • Moduline concentric shaft reducers
  • Gearmotors
  • TDS parallel, right angle and hollow shaft reducers
  • SU/SD high speed units
  • A wide array of vertical units
  • Torque ratings up to 6,000,000 inch-pounds
  • Standard gear ratios up to 1500:1
  • These units incorporate precision gearing (in single,double,triple,quadruple,and quintuple reductions) 
  • Enclosed in heavy-duty cast iron or fabricated steel housing

Enter Gear World 

NuttallGearboxes offers some of the best performance you can find but they do occasionally break down. You can call the OEM, Nuttall, directly for your gearbox repairs; but like all other OEM’s, they have an extremely long turn around time. For many cases their backlog is from 9 months to a year for a repair. 


Nuttall Gearbox Repair
Nuttall Gearbox

Gear World’s Nuttall Gearbox Repair Services

At Gear World, We can get your Nuttallgearbox repaired in far less time and for far less money and it will meet or beat OEM standards! We will pick up your gearbox for free and bring it to one of our plants where we complete an NDTI(Non-DestructiveTeardown Inspection) with a full white glove treatment of your gearbox to assess the needs.  

Nuttall Gearbox Repair
Nuttall Gearbox Repair

The Truth About Our Advanced Gearbox Repair Solutions

When a gearbox leaves our plant to go back to work in your process, you are getting a machine that is in “Like-New” condition that will meet and many times exceed the OEM specifications. Check out this case study for more information on how our gearbox repair solution surpasses the OEM specs.  

Schedule a Tour of One of Our Plants 

Capabilities –  Feel free to call 1-800-281-3071 to schedule a tour of one of our plants. Also,  Check out the Video below to go on a virtual online tour of one of our many plant locations. Click here to read more about our Gearbox Repair capabilities. 


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We Proudly Serve the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and South American Territories.

We are not the Nuttall OEM but we do service their products.


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Our economy is moved by heavy industry. Gearworld Keeps Heavy industry Moving—with complete, Nuttall gearbox repair solutions for the world’s most demanding applications.

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Gearbox Repair

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