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You Know your doing something right when companies like SPACE-X are calling for you to rebuild the gears that drive mobile launch pads.

Gearworld SpaceX

+ 24 Hour Emergency Rush Services

We Offer 24/7 Nationwide Industrial Gearbox Repair and Rebuilding Services with free quotes & Inspections. We can accommodate any Expedited Emergency Rush Repair or Rebuilds.  All work we perform is backed with up to a Three Year Warranty. Call us at 1-800-281-3071 and speak with a gearbox repair specialist today to get the rebuilding process started.  We are Gear World .Com a certified full-service industrial repair company, with two shops in Illinois and one shop in Houston Texas, that specializes in repair and remanufacturing of Industrial Gearboxes as well as various types of industrial transmission equipment. We also have the ability to manufacture or reverse engineer any component needed for your industrial gearbox in-house. In addition, Gearworld will pickup and deliver your gearbox for free. 1-800-281-3071
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Click to read how GearWorld Saved a power station by repairing a Falk 525 Gear Reducer in record time for a prominent U.S. Power Station. 

Click to read how GearWorld Saved a power station by repairing a Falk 525 Gear Reducer in record time for a prominent U.S. Power Station. 

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Gearbox Repair F.A.Q.'s

  • 1. What are your Capabilities / Experience?

    We have been rebuilding and repairing industrial gearboxes since 1939. Our engineers and technicians are OEM certified as well as Timken bearing certified. GearWorld can handle any size gearbox from a massive BOF Geardrive for steel mills all the way down to a small cooling tower gearbox for any plant.

  • 2. How Long will it take you to repair my gearbox?

    GearWorld can accommodate any situation. We have the ability to turn jobs around in fast as twenty-four hours. They typical gearbox repair or rebuild takes around three-to-four weeks.

  • 3. Do you Have Pickup and Delivery Services?

    GearWorld has an excellent pickup and delivery network. With multiple facilities located in Illinois and Texas, We can be at your operation on the same day that you call, or within twenty-four hours, no matter where you are in the US, Canada or Mexico. 

  • 4. Do You Offer Shop Tours? What Is Your Open Door Policy?

    We Invite all of our clients to give us a call and schedule a tour of any one of our conveniently located shops in Illinois or Texas. 

  • 5. How Do I Get Started toRepair or Rebuild my Gearbox?

    You can get started with your gearbox rebuild by simply calling GearWorld at 1-800-281-3071.

  • 6. Do you use OEM Parts?

    We utilize factory direct genuine OEM parts for all of our gearbox repairs and scheduled rebuilds. If a part is obsolete we reverse engineer the part in-house for use in your industrial gearbox. 

  • 7. How much does a Gearbox Inspection cost?

    GearWorld offers a free gearbox rebuild / repair inspection with every job that comes into our shop.  As a customer you will never have to worry about the huge costs of inspections in addition to the work at GearWorld. Our Inspections are always thoroughly documented with empirical data and is free. 

  • 8. Does GearWorld Offer Scheduled Maintenance?

    Yes!  Be sure to call GearWorld at 1-800-281-3071 to plan ahead for your next scheduled maintenance routine. We help hundreds of companies every month keep their gearboxes in peak operating condition. Add GearWorld to your contact list and calendars.

  • 9. Will My Gearbox Rebuild come with a Warranty?

    We offer a 24 month warranty on all wetted parts and labor.

  • 10. What If my gearbox is beyond repair?

    Don’t Let the OEM tell you that your gearbox can’t be rebuilt. No gearbox is beyond repair or rebuilding. It is a fact that repairing or rebuilding your current gearbox is cheaper than purchasing a new gearbox from the OEM. A gearbox rebuilt by GearWorld will last for any years to come meeting or exceeding OEM specs.  If a gearbox or part is obsolete, GearWorld will reverse engineer the part or parts needed to successfully get your gearbox back into production. 

  • 11. What are your Gearbox Repair and Rebuild Procedures?

    Every GearWorld gearbox rebuild starts with our convenient free pickup and delivery service with every job. We will bring your gearbox into the shop for a complete diagnosis and inspection. Our engineers will assemble a detailed report accompanied with a scope of work that will be needed to bring your gearbox back to peak-operating production status for approval. Once the work-scope and timeline is approved, GearWorld will begin rebuilding your gearbox keeping you apprised of the progress along the way. Upon nearing completion of your gearbox rebuild, we will join together with your team once more and coordinate a delivery date.

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