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How to find a Quality Industrial Gearbox repair Company.

Quality Gearbox Repair
photo credit D. Marcowitz

What Am I Supposed To Do First?

Before you have any maintenance or repair work done on your Gearbox, you need to find a trustworthy, quality gearbox repair company .

How can you tell which shops are credible and reliable? Going by an advertisement isn’t a useful or good gauge, and neither is a visit to the shop. “Lots of shops and national chains have big, beautiful facilities,”. “But that’s where the investment stops. Ask questions and look around. Often the shop that isn’t as clean or doesn’t have a beautiful waiting area means they might be investing in training, tools, and their staff.”

Here are some basics for identifying a good shop, according to William Johnson of IIR

Ask for Credentials 

Quality rebuilders build a good reputation in their community. Ask around. This becomes especially relevant if you ask someone who has a Gearbox that’s similar to yours.

Look for Online Reviews

You can find information about rebuilders consider asking people in LinkedIn and Facebook groups for your industry recommendations. See what their reviews are like on Google. What are people Saying about the company?

Find Specialty Shops To Overhaul Your Gearbox

Shops that focus on the brand of GearBox you have are more likely to have the most experience and tools to fix it. Does the shop work on Falk, Lufkin, Brevini, Marley Gearboxes or your particular brand gearbox?

Check for Certification. A quality shop should be certified by ISO 9001

Should I Give the Shop a Trial Run?

Definitely. You might want to try out some shops for smaller repairs or maintenance work, Note how well the mechanics treat your Gearbox and how well they communicate with you.

Ask About Warranties

See whether the shop stands behind its work with a guarantee of some kind. To compare shops, inquire about their warranty for a common repair, such as bearings and seals.

Sanity-Check Your Repair Estimate

Repair estimates can be confusing. But there are ways to make sure you’re not being overcharged for repairs beyond basic maintenance, such as bearing and seals. Start by going the O.E.M. to find out roughly how much a specific item or repair should cost Compare that with a written estimate from your mechanic. Ask for an estimate that has the cost of parts and labor broken out.

Don’t be afraid to ask why a repair costs as much as it does. There may be a good reason, says John Issacson, chief mechanic at Michigan State Business of Engineering. Keep in mind that a cheaper fix for an adjustment might or repair not always be the best one. A good shop might use parts covered by longer warranties or have uniquely qualified technicians, or even worse, used parts.

You might get a better price from an independent machine shop if going somewhere other than the O.E.M. won’t void the warranty. But you should remember that Machine Shops sometimes have special tools that the O.E.M. shops don’t have. The best check is a trustworthy mechanical engineer who isn’t afraid to answer questions or explain the work he or she is doing, Iscacson says.

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