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Top 5 Steps for Excellent Gearbox Maintenance

Do you want to keep that over priced reducer/gearbox humming like a bird and no down time?

Here are 5 simple steps to prevent you from spending your time with a psychiatrist and most importantly money!

  1. Check the oil. You’d be amazed how the consistency, color and smell can tell you allot of the condition of your Falk gearbox.
  2. Bearings – YES THE BEARINGS… some engineers fail to simply replace the bearings on the Falk gearboxes and reducers which I recommend every 6 months. By doing so your keeping the torque stable with the RPM that Falk demands. 
  3. Seals – Falk gearboxes and reducers like the bearings are recommended for replacement every 6-8 months “it works” always have spares along with bearings.
  4. Fly-Wheel exhaust fan. – Yep, the silly PVC “plastic” exhaust fan should be checked out on routine maintenance on Falk gearboxes and reducers, they can cause over-heating that can cause damage.
  5. Send it to a gearbox specialist every 12 months for a full inspection, you can never take enough care of your Falk gearboxes and reducers. 

“By simply inspecting the bearings, seals, oils, greases every 6 months your 1 out of 7 engineers preventing major damage”

– Drew Johnson – Eng.Sc.D

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